Cutting on the clutter of wires, Inspan brings new Bluetooth keyboards to the Indian market.
Inspan brings two new Genius Bluetooth keyboards for Android 3.0, iPad and iPhones. The LuxePad A9000 has been crafted for Android 3.0 devices, Luxepad for iPad and LuxePad 9000 supports iPad and iPhones. These low power consuming, sleek keyboards can be charged through the mini USB cable.

Cut the clutter

Cut the clutter

These Bluetooth keyboards work within a range of 30 feet of the iPad, iPhone or Android devices. They utilize the built-in Bluetooth technology. Needless to say, these space saving devices are highly portable. They employ a scissor-type key structure, which delivers good tactile feedback. Several iPad, iPhone and iPad features can be accessed using certain key functions. The on/off switch can be used even while away from the device.

The Genius Luxepad, Luxepad 9000 and Luxepad A9000 are priced at Rs.3,400, Rs.2,875 and Rs.2,875, respectively. All three are backed by a three year warranty.

Publish date: November 28, 2011 10:26 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:02 pm

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