When Angry Birds Space came out, Rovio Mobile, the company behind the game said that they were looking to make a transition from being just a mobile games development company to a full-fledged entertainment company. The birds have thrilled you with real life structures before, like this one instance in Barcelona that T-Mobile set up. Now, Rovio's giving you a reason to get your passport out and and stand in line for your Schengen visa because right after that, you're going to be standing in line for a ride at Angry Birds Land at Särkänniemi Theme Park in Finland. This avian-designated real estate in the theme park contains 12 rides, an adventure course, game and food points. The park is designed as any park would be, for families and children.

Get your ride on

Get your ride on

While the area is opened up for use, finishing touches will still be added, according to Pocket-lint. The official opening will happen on Friday, the 8th of June. To get to the Angry Birds theme park, you need to get on a plane (after you've sorted out your immigration troubles, of course) and go to Tampere in Finland. Of course, it's a little bit disappointing that the furious featherheads only have a section in a larger theme park and not an entire Angry Birds park, a la Disneyland all to themselves. However, something is always better than nothing. The rides look fun with rollercoasters going through wooden structures that resemble those of the game.

Other ways the birds are stretching their wings beyond mobile screens are a potential TV show this year and a movie by 2015. The birds are rumoured to appear on a 52 episode animated show, which raises questions about plot points and story lines. The TV show will most likely display the 'emotions' of the Angry Birds, attempting to explain why they're so angry (wasn't it because the pigs stole their eggs?). If we're lucky, we might see the birds go take some anger management therapy.

Publish date: May 3, 2012 12:02 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:11 pm

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