Google has begun releasing updates like there is no tomorrow. After releasing a stable version of Chrome 27 on Tuesday, the company has now announced the release of Chrome 28 beta for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. One of the main and possibly the most important new feature that Google has added to the Chrome 28 is the addition of a notification centre. This feature is available only in the Windows platform for now.

According to the announcement, which Google made on their official blog, the company says that, “we’ve designed these notifications to be beautiful, useful and engaging.” The notification centre will be able to let you streamline your notifications better. From what can be seen, the notifications that users get from their apps and extensions can now be formatted to display text and images as well. Additionally that may well include direct actions inside the pop-up itself.


The Beta version of Google Chrome 28 is out

While the Chrome and the Chrome OS already have some amount of basic Web notification features, the idea of getting detailed notifications for Chrome packaged apps and extensions is something that can definitely turn the game on its head.

According to the official announcement, the notification centre will not only display content like lists and images, but will also allow users to act directly on them. Additionally, notifications will now come to a centre which is not in the browser itself, so users can access their notifications without even needing to open the browser.

Google's new Chrome has a notification centre

Google's new Chrome has a notification centre

According to a report covered by TNW, Google has now offered some more details for developers about the Chrome 28. According to the company, apart from the basic notification type that you can expect, users can also use other formats like 'image' to show a preview of an image within the notification or list to combine a number of notifications from your app into a single one.

You can also prioritise the notifications according to your specifications. The lifespan of each notification to stay on a user's screen can also be specified by prioritising them. The notification centre is the last line, where notifications will live irrespective of priority, unless specifically dismissed by either the app or the user.

The notification center, according to Google, will hold all the current notifications and can be brought up at any time from the launcher on ChromeOS or the system tray on Windows. The centre will act as your central command, allowing you to view and clear all of your notifications and access settings to control which apps and extensions as well as decide which websites to allow for interaction with you.

The Chrome Blog specifically says that “Mac support will be coming soon!”, a fact which is confirmed by the Chromium blog which has also said that the notification centre “will be coming to MAC OS X and Linux soon”

While the beta version is out for download, Chrome 28 could officially arrive as soon as June, but a fixed date cannot be given, because this is a big release for Google.

Publish date: May 24, 2013 8:47 am| Modified date: December 19, 2013 11:41 am

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