Google celebrates Earth Day with ‘nature’s subtle wonders’ Doodle

By Staff /  22 Apr 2013 , 14:40

Google has special doodle today to celebrate Earth Day. The interactive Doodle captures all of the various seasons and even has bears, fishes and fireflies in it.

On the Google Doodle blog,Google Doodler Leon Hong posted that:

Today we are celebrating Earth Day with an interactive doodle that captures a slice of nature’s subtle wonders. We hope you enjoy discovering animals, controlling the weather, and observing the seasons. Use the sightseeing checklist below to make sure you do not miss anything!

I was fortunate to work on this doodle with my collaborators – Kris Hom, Mark Ivey, Greg Capuano, and Ryan Germick. And a very special thank you goes to Kris’s high school teacher, Dr. Juan Fernandez, who served as our science advisor.

Google Doodle for today. Screengrab.
Google Doodle for today. Screengrab.

To watch the interactive doodle movie, you can click on the play button which is on the sun. The sun will then move westwards to set and you can see moon rise in the sky and this begins the cycle of season, from fall, summer, winter and to spring. The Doodle keeps playing in an unending automated loop.

The doodle also shows the full moon, half moon, crescent moon and the gibbous moon.

In spring mode, there is some snow on the mountain tops and the flowers and the plants have just began to bloom, followed by summer, where we see the ground turn brown and then winter. In winter, you can see that the lake as frozen, however the fishes continue to swim.

Users can also click on the two caves in the mountain and you’ll see bears coming out. You can also click on the flowers and watch them bloom. When you click on the hole next to the pond in the ground, a badger comes out.

All in all its a very cool doodle with a lot of elements to play around with. Tell us your thought about the doodle in the comments section below.

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