Google, after its little Valentine's Day easter egg has released a Doodle to celebrate this day of love. When you go to the Google homepage today, you'll meet a little animated boy holding a Valentine card in place of the second 'o'. The Valentine has a play symbol on it. Once you hit play and the loading wheel on the card disappears, a video will play. The video uses Tony Bennett's rendition of Hank William's Cold Cold Heart. A message will also display saying, '”Happy Valentine's Day! 'Cold, Cold Heart' performed by Tony Bennett, courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony/ATV.” The video is of a boy trying to Google a Valentine's present for a girl. The girl is seen jumproping. He tries to impress her with the gifts he Googled, but she appears unmoved. Ultimately, he brings a jumprope for himself and that's when he gets her attention. The whole point of the video is that you might be able to Google a lot, but you can't Google for love.

Doodling for the day of love

Doodling for the day of love

The history behind Valentine's Day is not entirely clear, but most people believe it has to do with Saint Valentine. Valentine's Day started being associated with love, during Geoffery Chaucer's age. February 14th had been recognized in the General Roman Calendar of Saints until Pope Paul VI deleted it in 1969.

Google doesn't do a video Doodle very often, but the frequency of video Doodles has been increasing. They did a video Doodle for Freddie Mercury, last year as well as for Charlie Chaplin. The Freddie Mercury Doodle had a video set to Queen's “Don't Stop Me Now”, while the Charlie Chaplin video featured various Google employees renacting some Charlie Chaplin inspired scenes. Last year, when Google Doodled for Valentine's Day, they put up a simple work of art in bright primary colours where the first 'o' was replaced with a heart. On that note, Tech2 wishes its readers a Happy Valentine's Day.

Publish date: February 14, 2012 12:22 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:36 pm

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