Remember a while ago we mentioned that it was now easy to sift through those mindless search results? Well, another development is taking shape in that space.

This is how it would look!

This is how it would look!

Google, the leading search engine has introduced its newest search sifter which it now calls ‘+1’. Visible from today, all you need to do is get it activated using Google Experimental. You’re all set to go! The +1 factor lets you mark all the articles or site you found useful, or felt that it made for a good read. Once you’ve taken your pick, the search result will automatically be placed in a preferential slot. By this way, the next time you try to get into a similar search you wouldn’t have to sift through piles of unwanted, mindless results.

This activity also promises to go social, as all your preferences will be visible to your friends by the way of ‘your recommendation’. All you Facebook users may instantly relate this feature to that of ‘likes’. As much as it goes social, Google plans to use the +1 factor as a revenue generator, too. For, apart from articles, even ads on Google can be recommended.

We’re yet to try +1 out. If you already have, why not let us know what you thought of it?

Publish date: March 31, 2011 10:05 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:32 pm

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