Google I/O 2013: Is an Android Games Centre coming up?

By Staff /  15 May 2013 , 12:47

Google’s I/O conference begins today and one of the expected releases at the conference is an Android Games Centre, similar to Apple’s Game Centre.

AndroidPolice had put a detailed post, of a tear-down of the Google Play Games Android application package file (apk).

According to the post on AndroidPolice, the “Play Games” is a real thing and the settings work on the latest Play Store Sync option as well. The post says, there is drop-down menu will let you switch accounts, but, sadly, the Up button doesn’t do anything for right now – it just closes the app. Play Games Settings allow you to turn on game notifications, manage who can send notifications, and show muted games.

Associated Press
Google logo is seen in this file photo. Associated Press

Essentially the Android Games Centre will allow users to post scores, compete with each other and engage in multiplayer gaming, similar to what Apple’s Game Centre lets users do.

The Google Game Center for Android as it’s rumored to be called, also allows developers to create engaging, multiplayer games by standardising the tools involved. Some of the other features of the Google Games Centre that have leaked out for now are:

Save syncing which will let you to maintain your game saves between device changes and installations, In-Game chat, Achievements, Leaderboards which let you compare scores with those of your friends.

Of course notifications would be managed by Google+. Google has dedicated quite a few developer sessions at the Google Conference around the Google Plus platform and look at integration of Google Plus services for signing-in.

The Game Centre is likely to come with strong Google Plus integration and possibly the new ‘Babble chat’ service.

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