Google launches Android Device Manager for lost phones

By Staff /  08 Aug 2013 , 15:33

Losing a phone can be heartbreaking, especially if it’s a smartphone with your email, photos, Facebook and Twitter account and much more private information. To help such users, Google has launched the new Android Device Manager, which will keep your device and its data safe in case you should lose your phone.

Do note that Google’s new Android Device Manager is only available for smartphones running Android 4.2.2 and above. According to Google’s own estimates, only 6.5 percent Android devices are therefore compatible.

So yes, not every Android user is going to get this, not even those 34 percent users who have Jelly Bean 4.1 build.

So what does the new Device Manager offer?

Screenshot of how the new Android Device Manager works.
Screenshot of how the new Android Device Manager works.

Locate and ring your misplaced device:If your device has fallen in a corner of the house, theAndroid Device Manager lets you quickly ring your phone at maximum volume so you can find it, even if it’s been silenced.

If the device is out of earshot, users can locate it on maps in real time.

Protecting personal information and data:If you can’t get locate your phone, users can thenquickly and securely erase all of the data with the device manager.

Users will need to sign into their Google Account to access the Android Device Manager. There will also be an Android app that you would need to install on the device.

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