Google revamps Play Store for web with better user interface

By Staff /  16 Jul 2013 , 15:42

Google has revamped the web design of the Play Store making it more similar to the mobile interface. Google has completely revamped the User Interface (UI)which is much cleaner, and the individual pages in each of Google’s Play Store categories look less cluttered.

When you open the Play Store, the landing page will show you the editor’s picks, recommendations for you, top charts and new releases on top. The categories such as Apps, Devices, Movies, Books are now on the left and when you click on one category, the others fade out.

For instance when you click on apps, the left tab shows you the ‘My Apps’ and the ‘Shop’ option. You can click on the categories option on the top center bar to figure what kind of apps you are looking for and there’s also a section called new releases in this tab which should make it easier to find new apps.

The new Google Play Store. Screengrab.
The new Google Play Store. Screengrab.

The ‘My Apps’ page is now a long scrolling list of all your apps and it took a lot of time to load for us. It will be slower if you tend to have a lot of apps on your phone and tablets.

If you want to go back from say, the Apps option to all the other tabs, just hold your mouse over the left arrow on the corner of the Apps tab and the sections will pop out. You can click on ‘Stor’e to go back to the homepage.

Overall the new UI is much simpler with Google going for a Card-like display format for all categories. The feature is similar to what Google Now offers.

According to AndroidPolice, Google’s new Play Store also has some major coding changes which have resulted in the faster User experience. One is the use of image format WebP, which is a relatively new standard developed by Google. WebP offers better compression and therefore doesn’t degrade as much as JPEG at the same file size, says the website.

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