So have you seen the Moto X ad yet? Two people jumping off into a lake – one with his arms and legs spread-eagled and the other stretched vertically. Does it look like an X I to you? For the uninitiated, that’s 11 in Roman numerals. And now there’s word that Google is holding an event on July 11 for a very select group of journalists. You see where we are going with this…

Leo Laporte, a tech industry veteran, revealed that he had received a personal invitation from Guy Kawasaki, Motorola and Google adviser, for the event, which will be held on July 10 and 11 for two hand-picked groups of journalists and industry insiders. With Google launching the promotions for Moto X this week, it’s only natural that anything from Motorola from this point onwards will be attached to the Moto X project. But since Kawasaki was tightlipped about other details of the event, it’s still anybody’s guess as to what Google and Motorola have planned.

Is this an 'eleven' or just two really happy people?

Hints at a date or just two really happy people?

Quashing the rumour of a Moto X announcement, CNET says that their sources have revealed that this particular event will not be about the much-awaited Motorola comeback. So you will agree when we say this one is still up in the air.

Moto X talk is only just getting started and with some details about the level of customisation that could be on offer already coming through, we can be certain that more and more information will be revealed in the coming days.

Publish date: July 6, 2013 1:09 pm| Modified date: January 7, 2014 11:54 am

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