The ability to digitize a part of our world for accessing all kinds of data based on location and what you’re actually looking at, i.e. augmented reality is no longer science fiction. While mobile applications have been available for some time now, based on AR technology, we as consumers are always “looking” for something more advanced and that’s where Google’s Project Glass (PG) comes into the “pictures” (pardon the puns). 

Project glass has been an intriguing concept, since Google’s fascinating advertorial video for the prototypes made it out, about a month ago. The idea that we could have mobile technology combined with AR tech in a lightweight, wearable module naturally piqued the world’s curiosity. Within the span of its ‘debut’, test results of the Project glass prototypes have been making the rounds as Google employees take the technology to the field. There’s nothing like a field test to give you the right perspective. 

Speedy photography

The Google Runners

The Google Runners

A few photos taken from the device made it to Project Glass’ Google+ page and they look quite impressive as is. Take a look at some of the samples below. While some may look a little too perfect i.e. digitally cleaned up, others look very real for a mobile-like camera. At the end of the day though, if the quality of the camera is anything like this when the prototype makes it to the sales model, this is a product that would be worth holding out for.

Not only has Google showcased images taken from their PG prototype, but only very recently a 720p video has been released as well. While the video may not be altogether entertaining, the fact that it’s shot by someone jumping around on a trampoline shows us just how versatile the device is. The device will apparently be capable of recording on 720p, for now, but whether or not that would be boosted to 1080p full HD is something we can let our curiosity run with. 


The media recorded from the prototype devices was captured by Google’s own employees during various recent activities and events undertaken by the search giant including their Google+ Photographer's conference and Google Glass Walk event. The photos themselves feature the likes of Sergey Brin, Colby Brown, Peter Hurley, and other Google employees. 

The potential for a concept like this is not as farfetched or futuristic as we might have thought even 10 years ago. Technology from our imagination and the Hollywood genre are slowly being processed by the big players in their respective fields and becoming a reality. With an AR concept, like Project Glass, Google plans on taking the mobile communication stream to a whole new level, making our world come alive with data and useful information whenever and wherever we need it. 

Project Glass, to be fair is still a work in progress and while the initial video, as fantastic as it seemed could be a reality someday, for right now, its progress to that final stage is looking quite good. We’re looking forward to seeing just how far this technology will go and how soon will rival tech emerge out of the woodwork. Although we shouldn’t expect to see a final product anywhere as good as the promo video, but half as good could still make for an interesting piece of tech. 

Publish date: May 26, 2012 11:56 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:22 pm

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