Tomorrow is Christmas and for millions of children this is also the time when Santa Claus comes with tons of presents. But the guys at Google have taken the whole business of tracking Santa a whole lot seriously this year. For those you are wondering where Santa Claus, is you have to check out Google’s Santa Tracker. To see on web click here.There’s an Android app available as well and you can download it here.

So what exactly will you find in Santa’s Village this time?

There’s a game called Racer where you have to move Santa’s sleigh and collect presents.There’s another game called Present Drop where you play the role of Elves. You have to move the sleigh, which is filled with presents, on top and drop the presents into the chimneys below that are constantly moving.

Google’s Christmas Santa tracker. screengrab

There’s also ‘Jet Pack’ where you’re an Elf riding a jet pack. You have to collect the presents, christmas decorations that come your way before they drop out of your screen.

You can also make click on the telephone icon with Santa Claus next to it to make calls to Santa Claus. These only work for North America but you can have personalised messages delivered to your friends’ phones, emails, etc.

There’s a Briefing icon as well and when you click on it you see Mrs Claus giving a power point explaining what has to be done while delivering presents.

So yeah Santa’s village is a fun place to explore. Go check it out and send spread someChristmasjoy.

Publish date: December 24, 2012 5:32 pm| Modified date: December 24, 2012 5:32 pm

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