Camera: 7/10

The image quality from Session was not that amazing as one would expect from a standalone camera but considering the form factor and the mere fact that it is not supposed to be focused on taking stellar images. But still, to talk about the images, they lack detail and are grainy at best despite ideal lighting conditions. I was disappointed by the quality and hope that they can improve on it in future versions. Do check out the gallery attached below for photo and video samples from the device.

GoPro Hero5 Session

One thing to note is that the camera does come with a low light capture mode which essentially decreases the shutter speed of the camera while taking photos in that mode. In SuperView and Wide mode, the images have extreme distortion which is typical for GoPro cameras. The distortion in SuperView mode was distracting while Wide mode maintained a healthy ratio between distortion and the image as a whole. You need to shoot in Linear mode if you want to get rid of the image distortion but the mode simply crops the images to remove the distortions.

GoPro Hero5 Session

The video quality along with a number of options in terms of resolution and frame rates is great to have. With more practice and experimentation users will hit the sweet spot between shooting in decent quality while enabling longer shooting times. The video stabilisation of the camera is stellar and I was impressed by what a camera in such compact form factor could achieve. The performance of voice control is decent given there is not much background noise.

Low light clip; speed increased for quick consumption

Battery: 5.5/10

Despite the positives of the camera in terms of capabilities and form factor, battery life is horrible in GoPro Hero5 Session. Even after taking in account the form factor and how much processing this camera has to do, I could only get 1.5 hours or at most 2 hours of video recording from this camera while shooting in 1080p or 720p. When shooting in 4K, the battery life dropped to 1 hour. Another important thing to note is that it gets insanely hot while shooting 4K.

GoPro Hero5 Session

If you are shooting 4K, make sure you do that in a shade region because it becomes unbearable hot with temperatures reaching 45 degrees after shooting for 25 minutes. My unit stopped recording past 40 minutes and I had to wait for it to cool a bit before resuming the recording. The temperatures hovered around 39-40 degrees after shooting for 12-15 minutes in shade.

Hero5 Session uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and both of them are big offenders in terms of battery drain. So if you are not connecting your device to your phone, it is better to turn off the Wireless mode.

Verdict: 7/10Pricing in India: Rs 29,500

Pricing in India: Rs 29,500

GoPro Hero5 Session

Even though the price point puts the GoPro Hero5 Session action camera in somewhat affordable range, the company needs to improve the battery life of the action camera. I did not have the action cameras offered by competition like Xiaomi and Nikon but regardless, the company is taking into account, the cheaper alternatives available in the market.

Apart from that, Hero5 Session is a stellar action camera with 4K recording for the someone looking to get a budget GoPro action camera. If you are an adventure fanatic, this action camera will definitely help you capture some unconventional footage, provided you buy the right accessories to go with it. It makes for a good investment if you are sold on the GoPro promise.

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