In the last segment of GOTY (Gadget of the Year) I showcased the DAP’s or MP3 players that made an impression in 2009. Now take a look at the top PMP (Personal Media Players), devices that offer a whole lot more than just music and video playback. There have been quite a few really good players that hit the market this year and choices were tough but here are the top PMPs to make the cut for our Gadget of the Year.

PMP of the year – iPod Touch 64GBRs. 23,900
Just like its mobile phone counterpart the iPod Touch with its upgraded space is this year's PMP of the year. The App store with its many many applications makes it a very versatile device. It’s the iPhone without the phone and thanks to the slightly upgraded graphics, mobile gaming just got so much better on the 64GB version. There’s now also plenty of space for movies, videos and more. The Wi-Fi connectivity the device offers will allow you to stay connected to the net and keep up with your social networking lifestyle.

Good – There’s never been too much of an issue with iPod battery life although one tends to expect more, but no complaints here.
The audio quality is still quite good
The design will never go out of style. In all its simplicity it’s still a stylish
The better graphics and more space makes Touch gaming a little better
Bad – The new Voice Control is not always very responsive
Apple should have included an FM radio in the device
Rating – 4/5

Runner up – iPod Nano 5th Generation –
8GB – Rs. 9,400, 16GB – Rs. 11,200

Publish date: December 31, 2009 9:58 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 5:57 pm

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