In my last feature, I gave away the GOTY 2010 award for the best mid-range monitor. This time let’s take it up a notch and check out what high-end monitors made it to the top three in 2010.

Alienware OPTX AW2310 – Gadget of the Year 2010
Hardcore gamers will definitely love this monitor, as it is built specifically for them. It has great build quality, deep contrast and strong brightness, as well as excellent detailing. It is also 3D ready, but you’ll have to buy Nvidia’s 3D vision suite and 3D glasses separately. It is also great for watching movies on, and those who love better performance will definitely get a kick out of the visuals they see on the AW2310. This 24-inch monitor is the most expensive of the three on this page, and is priced at approximately Rs. 26,000.

Are you ready for 3D?

ViewSonic VX2433WM – First Runner Up
This 24-inch monitor is a good looking one with a minimalistic design that will appeal to most people. It’s really easy to setup and use and has great colour reproduction with really nice, deep blacks. If you are into multimedia or gaming, this is a great monitor to own. The ViewSonic VX2433WM is priced very reasonably at Rs. 15,999.

A very reasonably priced monitor; great for gaming

AOC V22 – Second Runner Up
Here’s another great looking LED-lit monitor that is reasonably priced. The AOC V22 is great for playing games on, as there is no motion-blur or lag visible to the naked eye. While watching movies or playing games you will notice that the colour reproduction is more than satisfactory. It also some nice features like a mic webcam. The V22 is priced at Rs. 15,000.

Some nice features on this one

Take a look at the specs sheet:

Click to enlarge

Well, that wraps up my GOTY give-away for 2010, and it’s just in time for the New Year celebrations. So what are you doing still reading this? It’s time to get out there and party! Happy New Year folks, and see you next year.

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