When it comes to mobile gaming the iPhone certainly occupies one of the foremost positions. The games designed and developed for this mobile phone’s platform are getting increasingly better with each new game that’s being released. From better graphics to more interactivity and better touch control functionality, iPhone gaming is the best in the mobile phone arena. And now things have gotten a little better with the announcement of Shadowforce’s Gunman, first-person AR (Augmented Reality) shooter, the first of its kind.

Of course there have been games like this in the past like Mosquito and the bug game for the Symbian S60 handsets where users would use the handset’s camera for viewing and the rest of the world as the playground to kill the bugs. The same has now been ported to the iPhone with Gunman that involves the uses of the handset’s camera and up to four players in an arena that they desire. The four users are connected to each other and are color coded for points. The game is simple, point, shoot, shake to reload and that’s it. The handset will vibrate to indicate that you’re hit. It’s a new age mobile phone laser tag.

Gunman from Shadowforce is available on the Appstore for $2.99 which is just Rs. 140.

Publish date: December 29, 2009 11:41 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 5:57 pm

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