And the hacking of Sony continues; this time the attack has been targeted at Sony’s European website. The hacker’s trend to continue the hacking of Sony seems merely to be for the fun of it rather than actually attaining data for illicit purposes. The cat and mouse game continues with this time Lebanese hacker, Idahc gaining access to 120 user names, passwords, mobile phone numbers, work emails, and websites from a user database on Sony Europe's site.

Game of the year: Hacker versus Sony

According to IT security blog, Sophos’ Naked Security, the hacker Idahc, posted an image on Pastebin in plain text that he was bored and wanted to play the game of the year ‘Hacker vs Sony.’ He claims that he hacked a little database of 120 users with a SQL injection.

Sony Pictures poked with another SQL injection

Sony Pictures poked with another SQL injection

In related news, hacker group Lulzsec which has been hacking into various Sony websites over the last week have recently hacked into the Russian website of Sony Pictures using another SQL injection. They left a note saying, “in Soviet Russia, SQL injects you”.

So, what should Sony do now? For one thing they should take a page from these hackers and fix the holes in their systems before these hackers find them. The hacking is taking place world wide with several websites in several countries being targeted. This is definitely coming as more than an inconvenience to users of a multinational corporation they have put more than just their trust into.

For more information of the ongoing hacks into Sony websites click here.

Publish date: June 6, 2011 10:16 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:57 pm

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