HootSuite, the third party social media client seems to have had quite the busy day. For one, the social media dashboard is now equipped with more Facebook functionality, which means that users can now perform more functions in the dashboard itself than they could have before. Users can manage their Facebook Groups and Events, as well as Profiles and Pages with HootSuite streams. Users can also attach and upload photos directly to Facebook, search public updates for brand mentions and geo-locate their campaigns.

More Facebook on HootSuite

More Facebook on HootSuite

Users can also monitor and manage any Facebook newsfeed directly in a HootSuite stream. Users can customize with columns for photos, videos, news, groups, and events alongside their profiles and pages. Photo uploads can be done directly to Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups. Photos won’t just appear as a link, but users will be able to choose and upload their files.

Users can also be a little selective with their Facebook monitoring on HootSuite. They can filter Facebook streams to view content only from select users. In addition, new Facebook search capabilities allow users to search all public posts and save as streams for constant monitoring of keywords and terms. If users are managing many Pages, they can pick their profiles with an updated Profile Picker allowing them to set favourites, select default profiles and have auto-complete functionality for faster selection.

Publish date: August 31, 2011 1:27 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:25 pm

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