ibibo.com introduces a new generation of actors, directors and script writers on India’s 1st ever Online Serial which is set to go online on 13th September, exclusively on ibibo.com. This online serial, comprising of 24 episodes (webisodes), exemplifies “For the people, By the people and Of the people” as the actors, scriptwriters and the directors of the serial have been chosen online by 9.5 million registered users of ibibo through it’s talent initiative-“Maruti Suzuki Ibibo i- Serial Star”. Ibibo.com had partnered with Maruti Suzuki to bring this unique opportunity for the young and talented to showcase their talent and make history.

A total of 8 Actors, 1 Director and 1 Scriptwriter were selected to work behind and in front of the camera for the online serial. The contest culminated with eight winners after a record 286598 vote cast by the fans of the talent game. The eight winners in the actor’s category were Ashutosh Pandey, Deepa Singh, Hazel Sahani, Jatin Sarna, Rahul Chauhaan, Sunny Kaliyar, Dilip Kumar Arya and Trupthi Manjari. While the winner who made it to the coveted ‘Director’s Chair’ was Sandeep Dixit; Tanushree Saha was the scriptwriter who was adjusted the best.

Selection of the winners was based on the number of votes obtained by participants and the choice made by the elite panel of judges comprising of Raman Kumar, who created Tara for Zee TV, India's first serial on satellite TV and Khalid Hashmi who launched Zee News, India's first dedicated news channel.

The total number of entries which were done through uploading of video was 973 out of which 745 were from the wannabe actors, 29 from the directors and 199 from the script writers. The number of votes which the actors received was 170787 votes, the directors captures 366904 votes and the scriptwriters received 399962 votes, amounting into a total of 286598 votes.

Publish date: September 13, 2010 2:21 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:43 pm

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