Instagram will now let users embed photos, videos across the web

By Staff /  11 Jul 2013 , 14:35

Instagram will now let users embed their photos and videos from the app on other websites. Twitter has the embed functionality available for tweets and videos created on Vine.

Now when users open an Instagram photo or video page on your desktop web browser, they will see a new share button on the right side of the photo, just under the comments button. When you click on this you will get the embed code which you can copy and then paste on your blog, or article, to share the photo/video.


Instagram says that even are when the photo is embedded by someone else on their blog, the original users name will be visible. Also if your photos and videos are private, then don’t worry, the embed code won’t show the content to other users.

Instagram now has embed codes. Screengrab.
Instagram now has embed codes. Screengrab.

Instagram recently launched the video feature for the app which allows users to shoot up to 15 seconds of video, has image stabilisation (creatively called cinema) and ‘custom cover frames’ – which essentially means that you get to choose which frame you want to make the ‘public’ frame. The video feature has thirteen filters.

Instagram’s video is seen as a major challenger to Twitter’s newly launched video service Vine.The photo sharing servicecurrently has a user base of 130 million active users.

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