To add a very important detail to the title, Intel's bringing Skool Software to healthcare workers in developing countries and they plan on reaching 1 million users in 2015. The company is initially launching the program in Sri Lanka, but will expand over to Sub-Saharan Africa, parts of Asia, Latin America and Central Eastern Europe. The Intel Skool Health Education Platform provides anytime, anywhere media content delivery and assessment platform. The idea is to help healthcare workers in developing nations treat women and children better, and handle issues like malnutrition, vaccination, childbirth safety and communicable diseases.

Plans to reach 1 million healthcare workers in developing nations by 2015

Plans to reach 1 million healthcare workers in developing nations by 2015

As opposed to the Classmate PCs that Intel's shipped out for developing countries over the years, this time Intel is only focusing on software. The hardware will need to come from the likes of Lenovo, Dell, or even HP. Intel did not write these resources themselves, but acquired them from various third parties. The company will provide the program to governments and healthcare workers for free. It will be upto the governments in the countries of reach to provide hardware for the program.

Intel is launching this program in support of the United Nations' Every Woman, Every Child initiative. Speaking on the initial release of the program in Sri Lanka, the government of the country has stated, “Sri Lanka has taken some unique steps that other countries could emulate. Some of these projects have already commenced at grassroots level through collaborations with industry partners such as Intel.

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