Research firm, Canalys recently conducted a survey that put Apple at the very pinnacle of the PC vendor market, even overtaking reigning champ, Hewlett Packard (HP). The reason behind this sudden “burst” in scores is because Canalys has chosen to include Apple’s ever loving iPad as PC, rather than as a separate entity i.e. a tablet. They are now the first research firm to include tablets in the PC segment, while conducting market research.

The recent, but not unexpected boom for tablets has, of course, determined this outcome; the rise of iPads does give Apple a healthy advantage over the competition. With the next-gen device on the cusp of arrival, that number is going to increase exponentially, that’s the expectation. According to Canalys, the total client PC market, including desktops, netbooks, notebooks, and pads grew 16 percent year-on-year. Excluding iPads, the client PC market declined 0.4 percent.

Moving ahead of the competition

Moving ahead of the competition

HP’s Touchpad is slowly fading from the market venue and that has also affected the company’s numbers. It could have perhaps taken on the Android platform on a grander scale and could have, possibly, managed to sustain a little more strength in the market. That is just speculation though. But right now, residing in second place, HP will have to compete heavily, if they are to take on the likes of tablets like the iPad and will have to face facts, that tablets are now forming a major crux of the PC market share.

Currently, HP is pursuing a Windows strategy for its pad portfolio, producing enterprise-focused products, such as the recently launched Slate 2, until the launch of Windows 8,” said Canalys Analyst Tim Coulling. “However, questions remain over Microsoft’s entry into the consumer pad space. While early demonstrations of the Window 8 operating system seem promising, Microsoft must focus its efforts on creating an intuitive user experience that is far less resource intensive.

Canalys also said that out of the top five PC vendors today, Lenovo managed to increase thier market share by two points, while Acer, Dell and HP all took hits in market share. Apple gained six-points putting them in the lead.

It’s going to be an interesting year for the tablet industry.

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