Apple has just launched the much-awaited iPad 2 after months of speculation and anticipation. The announcement has barely been made, and the price for the original iPad has already been slashed. I just read on Engadget that the prices have been slashed for the old iPad. The iPad is available base model (16 GB Wi-Fi) is available for as little as $399 and the top end model (64 GB 3G) can now be bought for $729.  And if you feel like you can’t afford a brand new one, you can get a refurbished iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB model for $349.

The original iPad - now cheaper

The original iPad – now cheaper

Apple is probably doing this so that they can get rid of all the old stock lying around. This does sound like quite a good deal, but they haven’t said anything about slashing the prices in India. Of course, this seems quite doubtful as the original iPad was only just been launched here a while back.

Apple fanboys rejoice!

Apple fanboys rejoice!

The iPad 2 is obviously a better machine than the original iPad, as it has a whole lot more to offer such as a better CPU and GPU, front and rear facing cameras and HDMI among other delicious things. However, I guess this new deal is a good one for those who want to experience the magic of the world’s favourite tablet but don’t want to shell out that much money.

Publish date: March 3, 2011 9:29 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:23 pm

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