The guys at Tech2 are a hungry bunch! We’re hungry for reviews, news, contests and obviously when the going gets tough, we crave for food! While we mostly head in a horde to the cafeteria to get our grub, we have our times of some extraordinary fare. A couple of days back, I got a chance to go to Koh, a Thai restaurant at The InterContinental, Marine Drive.

Welcome to the world of food and tablets!

While most of you might think food was my prime reason for my visit, the hunger was actually for something interesting I'd heard. Koh was using iPad menus! “Wow!” I thought, “Something interesting to cover and tell many who visit Tech2!” So after fixing an appointment with Mr. Romil Ratra, the General Manager of InterContinental, I set out to discover the whole new experience that iPad menus can give us. What follows are my findings.

The menu for Koh is on iKoh, an app that the GM and the restaurant’s Master Chef Ian Kittichai (arguably the BEST Thai Chef, according to Mr. Ratra) developed with the help of an app developer (identity is a secret, apparently). The process involved a lot of research on various things and about 3 months of testing and taking feedback. Just in the first version, the team has plans to develop the app further in the future.

Order, order!

So how does it work? Well, you ask the waiter for the menu and, lo and behold, the waiter comes with an iPad, snuggled in a neat cover with a stand at the back so it’s convenient to place on the table. The home screen has the basic categories of food (which has appetizers, entrees, rice/noodles and curries), liquids and Wine & Champagne. Select any option and it goes to that screen, showing you a whole list of the various mouth-watering delicacies that the restaurant offers. Although you might be a Thai cuisine aficionado, there are quite a few chances that you haven’t tried “everything” on the menu. See something that you can’t pronounce (and visualize)? The menu has a few highlighted food items. Stuff that you would want to take a look at before you order! Not that it won’t taste good, but you surely wanna know what you eat. So click on this option and you have a clear picture showing you what it looks like.

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