It seems like the 6th Generation iPod Nano has been hacked. James Whelton recently won the device, went medieval on it during a flight and found a way to do some very neat things – like deleting apps from the springboard, creating blank spaces and bypassing the device’s cache comparison.

This could be supporting homebrew soon

What the cache comparison does it compares current files to the ones it has stored and restores them if it thinks they’ve been modded. This, Whelton discovered, could be bypassed by tethering the device and disconnecting it during a hard boot. So he got down to business and installed what was, in his own words, a very simple hack. What it did was delete apps from the Nano’s home screen and created blank space – something that can be done on other jailbroken iDevices. This hack, however, is not a jailbreak. It just gives other hackers access to the Nano to create their own bootloaders.

After completing this, he went on an exploration and discovered the Nano 6th Gen’s OS was in fact based off the old Nanos’ OS, which meant it could still support videos, games and apps. Here’s what he had to say:__STARTQUOTE__Next is the discovery in some of the device’s plists of reference to support of Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calender events and so on, with a few other cool things like a passcode lock. With the bypass I figured out, I hope to enable these pretty soon. It seems like the OS is a rehashed version of the previous Nano’s OS.__ENDQUOTE__While we aren’t really excited about playing Angry Birds on that tiny screen, it could turn out to be a pretty decent contacts and calendar manager.

You can follow Whelton’s progress on his blog here, where he has a video up showcasing blank space on his Nano. Check out the video below.

Publish date: December 29, 2010 2:29 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:04 pm

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