London:One out of nine Facebook users admit tospending a daily average of eight hours on the socialnetworking site and checking their accounts over 20 times aday, according to a new UK research.

The research by a UK based e-commerce website examined thesocial media habits of 18-25-year-olds in Britain and foundthat most obsessed Facebook users log onto the site over 20times a day and spend a daily average of eight hours on thesocial networking site – the equivalent of a full working day.

Users of Facebook spend more than 8 hours on the site.

Huge numbers of youngsters admitted to worrying abouttheir ‘online appearance’, the Daily Mail reported.Over a third (38 per cent) of young adults admit toworrying about being tagged in unflattering photos.

Girls seems to be the most affected, with almost halfclaiming that friends seeing dodgy photos of them on Facebookis one of their major worries in life.
Over a quarter admit to feeling unpopular when scrollingthrough posts of nights out they were not invited to, and onein five (19 per cent) go as far as to exaggerating theirstatus updates to make their lives appear more exciting.

Almost a quarter of youngsters admitted they regularlysplash out on new clothes to avoid being tagged in the sameoutfit twice.”Facebook is an integral part of young people’s lives butit’s putting pressure on them to fit in and look the part,which is especially challenging for groups likes cash-strapped
students,” Duncan Jennings, co-founder of,which carried out the research, said.


Publish date: September 11, 2012 2:40 pm| Modified date: September 11, 2012 2:40 pm

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