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Jobs and Apple designed the iPad years before its 2010 release

Jobs and Apple designed the iPad years before its 2010 release

By Staff /  19 Jul 2012 , 16:15

How long did it take Apple to design the iPad? Well according to Network Worldthe tech giant had started work on the device somewhere between 2002 and 2004.

The website also managed to get its hands on on portions of a deposition by Apple designer Jony Ive where he revealed that Apple had been working on the iPad prototypes. NetWorld also posted some interesting photos of a tablet computer prototype codenamed “035”. According to the Apple designer Ive these belong to the early 2000’s.

Meanwhile BuzzFeed had already done a comparison of the latest iPad and the 035. “035” looks much thicker, nor is there a “home” button to speak of. The 30 pin charging node is also not visible.

Image courtesy: Networld

In an interview to the tech website AllThingsD, in 2010, Steve Jobs had said that work on the iPad began before Apple started on the iPhone. The phone was apparently given more priority and released first, because Jobs thought the phone was more important

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