The founders of have renamed their website to, along with that, they’ve brought a few changes to their site. Komparify is a startup, which aims to facilitate users with the means to find the right mobile plan for their phone, right data card for their laptop and the right data plan for their tablet. They’ve set up an engine that helps users to compare and choose instantly.

Getting smarter...

Getting smarter…

Here are a few quick highlights on what’s new and updated with their website:

  • has been rebranded to because they now compare multiple telecom services rather than just 3G.
  • Their mobile app, PlanHound, for the Android platform has been updated to measure usage and suggest the best plan right on the phone. 
  • More verticals have been added for comparison – recharge voucher search, topup/rate-cutter search, datacard plan & tablet plan comparison

Komparify's search engine optimizes mobile/datacard/tablet plans based on usage. The result also gives you an in-depth breakup on how much its costs are. Users can plan monthly mobile expense, get topups for specific services and recharge with full talktime offers to get proper value for every rupee that they spend. Datacard and tablet plans are either data-based or time based and the costs vary according to data speed, monthly data usage and unlimited/shock-proof plans. The result can be further narrowed down, opting filters such as validity, operator, connection type or price range to suit users’ needs.

To make it easier, there is an app, PlanHound for the Android platform. This measures usage and then recommends the right plan on the phone, itself. The app measures call, SMS, data and roaming usage. They app has already won a few accolades. Planhound came 3rd at the NASSCOM’s EMERGEOUT AppFAME 2011 and was voted as one of the top 50 app in Asia for 2011. The site’s database is constantly updated and improvised for more accurate results. As part of their updates, recharge talktime vouchers will be coming pretty soon as well. Komparify will soon be launching more features, which allow you to complete the purchase on our site itself. 

The recent Supreme Court judgements have cancelled 122 licenses, which will be re-auctioned after 4 months, and there is quite an uncertainty in the market as customers are looking to switch operators. This search engine / comparison tool might just make it easy for users to see all the options in the market and quickly choose the operator and the plan which works for them.

Publish date: February 13, 2012 6:23 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:35 pm

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