DonanimHaber has once again got their hands on a leaked slide which shows AMDs roadmap for notebook APUs coming out in 2012. The current LIanos APUs will make way for Trinity, the second generation APU that will feature the new Bulldozer cores and a better graphics sub-system based on the VLIW-4 architecture that’s currently used in the HD 6900 series desktop graphics cards. This is still a long way ahead though as the Llanos ‘A’ series notebooks are still hard to find in the market.

Looks promising

Looks promising

The new APUs will fall into different market segments just like the existing ones in the market. AMD will be adding a new flagship APU mostly for high end gaming notebooks which is a 60W chip with four cores. This will most likely compete with Intel’s flagship mobile CPU, the Core i7 2920XM or whatever Intel launches next year. The Trinity APU will also come in two other SKUs with lower TDP values of 45W and 35W and will replace the A8 series APUs. The A6 APUs will make way for Weatherford which will be a quad core APU with two SKUs. As we head further down to the mainstream segment, we find Richland dual core APUs that will make their way in your ‘all-rounder’ notebooks in the 35K-50K price brackets.

Heading further down to the netbooks segment, Zacate and Ontario APUs will be replaced by Wichita and Krishna APUs. Wichita will be used in the 20K-30K range of the netbooks and low-end notebooks while Krishna APU will be reserved for the 10-inch netbooks which will typically fall in the sub-20K price bracket. With the new CPU and GPU architecture and lower TDP, we should expect a solid boost in performance and better battery life. All this is still way into the future though and we’ll know for sure once prototypes start hitting the web towards the end of 2011.

Publish date: August 6, 2011 1:44 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:18 pm

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