Every second TV entering the market today is offering smart features such as DLNA, USB and internet connectivity and they're probably going to become a standard sooner or later. LG has decided to play saviour to all those HDTVs that don’t have these features, as they’ve just announced the launch of their Smart TV Upgrader (ST600). This device is a 11 x 11 cm set-top box that adds a whole lot of functionality to that HDTV you thought was getting redundant. It comes with a BCM7615 processor, 384MB of RAM and 1GB of flash storage. It also has an Ethernet port, WiFi (with DLNA support) and USB ports. This tiny little wonder gizmo even comes with its own little 'Finger Touch' remote control.

Increasing your old HDTV's IQ

The ST600 will breathe life into many older generation HDTVs, so that they can be around for some more time. LG hasn’t announced an official launch date or price yet, but CES comes to the rescue once again, as that’s where the ST600 will be showcased. Sources also say that this product will hit stores in the second quarter of 2011. I hope this comes to India soon, and at a reasonable price, as this will definitely be the cure for plenty of old HDTVs that already have a foot in the grave.

Publish date: December 31, 2010 10:54 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:05 pm

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