QP Optoelectronics recently showcased their new technology called the LightPad at the recently concluded CES 2012. This patent pending technology is an ideal companion device to extend the functionality and user interface of smartphones, providing the user with expanded utility via the built-in 11-inch high contrast rear projection screen, which provides up to a 60-inch screen in front projection mode, along with a full-size keyboard. The resolution is 854 x 480 pixels.

Presenting the LightPad!

Presenting the LightPad!

When connected with a smartphone, the LightPad provides virtually all functions of a notebook computer for an individual. This is owing to the use of a pico-projector. The high gain and high contrast rear projection screen provides for a high quality display. It has got a thin form factor and is light weight – which potentially make for the key factors for a portable accessory device.

However it’s not just limited to a notebook-sized display. The LightPad can produce up to a 60-inch display in front projection mode with its super short focal length projection lens. It can be used as a big screen display/projector for meeting presentations, video/TV viewing, and big screen gaming. The first version is likely to be launched in G1 2012 and the second version in G2 2013. More details about the LightPad are available here.

Publish date: January 14, 2012 1:02 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:22 pm

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