The Japan-based free messaging app LINE has reached 200 million users worldwide, according to a press statement by the company. This is a big achievement for an app that is only two years old as it was launched in April 2011.

The app was initially launched East Asian where it has a strong base, but has now branched out to other regions, including India, Philippines and South America. The app crossed the 100 million mark on 18 January 2013 and thanks to the launch in the new markets it has managed to cross the 200 million mark in less than six months.

The app was recently launched in India and the company also said that the number of registered users in India has hit 5 million. Line hit the 5 million user mark within three weeks of its official India launch. It was launched in India on 1 July.

Screengrab of the Line app.
Screengrab of the Line app.

The Android version of LINE has exceeded 100 million downloads from Google Play on 18 July, 2013, making it one of the top 26 apps on Google Play which have crossed 100 million download checkpoint.

What’s unique about Line? It has sticker messages, which are basically large-sized character pictures. These stickers are similar to what Facebook Messenger app also offers. In the Line app, the sticker characters include LINE’s original characters and those from Disney, Hello Kitty and Iron Man.

The Line appworks on both smartphones and PCs and across multiple carriers. It is available on iOS, Android, Nokia Asha, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Windows (for PC) and Macs.

Publish date: July 24, 2013 2:20 pm| Modified date: July 24, 2013 2:20 pm

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