Apple has disappointed investors and some of its fans by releasing an upgraded iPhone 4, the 4S, but not the dramatic upgrade, the iPhone 5 that many had expected.

Apple invited journalists to its California headquarters to talk about iPhone, and here at FirstPost Tech, we followed the announcement of a new iPhone or iPhones. We covered all of the rumours yesterday, and keep that post handy. We kept our the list of whispers close by to see which were true and which were off the mark. The rumour about the iPhone 5 was the biggest miss.

Phil Schiller of Apple announces the iPhone 4S
Phil Schiller of Apple announces the iPhone 4S. Image courtesy

12:19 The markets are digesting the information, and after some initial disappointment, Apple stock is rebounding a bit off of session lows.

12:10 That’s it. No iPhone 5. The stock is taking a hit, down about 3% as I write this.

12:07 Apple says that it will be with 1oo carriers in 80 countries. Pre-orders start on 7 October, and it will ship on 14 October. The previous iPhone 4 is now selling for only $99.

12:04 After playing a bunch of commercials, they are now talking about pricing. There will be a 64GB version, which was another rumour ahead of the announcement.

12:00 The phone will also have dictation, but it works in US, UK and Australian dialects of English, French and German.

11:57 He shows off a list of all of the things that Siri can do, and then he has quite a laugh line. He asks the assistant: “Who are you?” To which, Siri responds, “I am a humble personal assistant.”

11:53 Look out Google. Siri is now accessing Wikipedia and the computational analysis engine Wolfram Alpha to answer questions such as define: mitosis.

11:52 He is now showing how Siri can answer messages or remind him to call his wife before he leaves work. I’d love to see how this works with other accents, but it definitely speaks Californian well.

11:47Scott Forstall is going to demo the new assistant in the iPhone. A lot of people today have been comparing this to the voice command service that is already part of a lot of Google and therefore Android services, but this assistance is intended to be something new. Forstall asks his iPhone whether he will need a raincoat today. The phone says: “It sure looks like rain today.” He says that he needs to get up at 6am tomorrow, and the phone sets and alarm for him.

11:45 Ok, now, we’re moving on to something really new. This isn’t just an upgrade or something that we’ve heard about before. Last year, Apple bought an artificial intelligence assistant start-up called Siri.

11:41 iPhone 4S will also shoot 1080p, full HD video, with image stabilisation. The higher the definition, the harder it is to make those handheld shots look stable, and you won’t notice a bit of blur due to the stabilisation with all of those pixels.

11:38 You can tell that Apple is working hard to respond to the competition. It’s now comparing the camera on the iPhone 4S to competitors. Phil Schiller really took a shot at Motorola and the quickness of its camera. Referring to one of Moto’s Android handsets, he said: “I don’t know what Droid Bionic users need to do between pictures, maybe go get coffee.”

11:34 Ok, this is a disappointment. Not only will the iPhone 4S not have LTE, which is understandable, but it won’t have HSPA+ either. It will only sport HSDPA, which has a theoretical ceiling of 14.4Mbps, rather than the 21Mbps speed that was rumoured.

However, as predicted, the iPhone 4 will have a dual-radio chip that allows it to switch between GSM and CDMA networks. It will also have an 8MP camera, as predicted.

11:32 Yes, Schiller is highlighting again that the A5 has both two cores for processing and graphics. He’s also talking about improved battery life and better reception. The reception was a real issue with the original iPhone 4. It was claimed that holding it a certain way caused a short in the antenna.

11:31 At least seeing as the iPhone 4S looks the same, I won’t have to change the picture for the live blog.

11:27 The iPhone 4S looks exactly the same. It’s the same design, but the hardware is different. It sports a new dual-core A5 chip, first seen in the iPad. One thing that’s interesting. The announcement says that not only is the A5 a dual-core chip, but the iPhone 4S sports dual-core graphics. To show this off, they are highlighting the improved game action on the iPhone 4S.

11:25 Finally!! He’s talking about the iPhone, but it’s the iPhone 4S.

11:22 Phil Schiller,senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple, is now talking about the iPod. There was a lot of chatter about whether Apple would be de-emphasising the iPod, but it still seems quite strong. The real rumours were about whether the iPod classic would be killed. We’ll see.

He starts by talking about the iPod Nano. One nice part of the announcement. Someone had made a watch holder for the Nano. Rather than get upset, Apple has introduced a number of new clock faces to allow people to better use the accessory. He’s now moving on to the iPod Touch.

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