Portable Media Players have always gone through a lot of price variations. There are times when that PMP you were looking for a few weeks ago turns up about Rs. 2,000 cheaper. This small write-up will help you keep updated with prices for PMPs.

While the prices mentioned here are from the gray market as well as standard electronics stores, some dealer around your house might have something more to offer. Always cross check and see whether you get what you pay for.

PMPs come at different price ranges and one of the most important aspects is that you narrow down to a PMP according to how much you want to invest in it. We’ll see a list of products starting off with the expensive ones and later moving on to cheaper players.

The iPod Touch has been a favorite PMP for many, especially with their extra features of Wi-Fi and some great games on the App Store. These are the prices of the PMPs in the grey market.

A tad expensive

Apple iPod Touch Third Generation 8 GB – Rs. 10,000
Apple iPod Touch Third Generation 32 GB – Rs. 13,500
Apple iPod Touch Third Generation 64 GB – Rs. 18,000

Apple iPod Touch Fourth Generation 8 GB – Rs. 11,500
Apple iPod Touch Fourth Generation 32 GB – Rs. 14,900

Cowon is one brand which we couldn't find at all, even though we looked high and low. Nevertheless, these prices are listed from their Indian website:

J3, not readily available

Cowon J3 4 GB – Rs. 9,999
Cowon J3 8 GB – Rs. 12,000
Cowon J3 16 GB – Rs. 14,000
Cowon J3 32 GB – Rs. 17,000

Cowon S9 4 GB – Rs. 7,999
Cowon S9 8 GB – Rs. 9,999
Cowon S9 16 GB – Rs. 11,999

Cowon V5 16 GB – Rs. 15,000
Cowon V5 32 GB – Rs. 17,500

Now only if they also provided addresses of different retailers who sell Cowon products.

Sony’s Walkman NWZ-A845 was an amazing buy without a doubt. Sadly, it’s not been a popular product and we could find it in only one shop.

Walk with your music

Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 8 GB – Rs. 8,250
Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 16 GB – Rs. 11,000
Sony Walkman NWZ-E443 4 GB – Rs. 4,950

Cam-ing atcha!

Philips saw a healthy flow of products going out, also there were quite a variety of products on display.

Philips GoGear Cam 8 GB – Rs. 7,900
Philips GoGear Aria 4 GB – Rs. 4,600
Philips GoGear Vibe 4 GB – Rs. 3,650
Philips GoGear Vibe 2 GB – Rs. 3,200

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