The Motorola Droid Razr XT910 emits the highest amount of radiation measured from popular smartphones since 2009, according to a study by Korea Communications Commission (South Korea's FCC equivalent). Motorola's Razr topped the chart with 1.38W/kg with the Atrix not too far behind at 1.08W/kg, as per a report by VR-Zone.

“The Korea Communications Commission has disclosed the electromagnetic wave data of all the smartphones that have been registered since 2009 in South Korea. They are going to announce the measured data of smartphones' Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) through South Korean National Radio Research Agency's website ( on July 2,” the report reads. SAR is the measure of electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices and the maximum permissible in South Korea is 1.6W/kg. Only products that meet the standard are allowed to be manufactured and sold, VR-Zone reported.

The Motorola RAZR XT910

Topping the lists…

According to the report, there has not been a centralized database of such records, which made it difficult for users to check every time they purchased a new phone. It added, that Korea Communications Commission has been “preparing to disclose a comprehensive list of SARs based on the 'Electromagnetic wave Comprehensive Policy', established in September of 2011.”

The report said Apple’ products also showed relatively high SARs. The iPhone 3G had SARs of 1.18W/kg followed by iPhone 3GS with 1.13W/kg. “The only Apple product that had SAR below 1.0W/kg was iPhone 4, which emits 0.89W/kg. Samsung's products boasted the lowest SARs among all the products that were tested, which were only about 30% of the standard rate.  Galaxy S2 HD was measured to output from 0.24 to 0.402W/kg and Galaxy Note 0.269 to 0.405W/kg. Meanwhile, although LG's Optimus LTE Tag had a relatively low SAR about 0.607-0.749W/kg, the Optimus LTE 2 was shown to emit a high SAR with 1.12-1.2W/kg,” the report added.

Motorola’s flagship Android smartphone, the RAZR XT910 was launched in India in February this year and retails for Rs.27,800. The phone is slim and light in weight and the Kevlar coating in the rear panel makes it durable as well. It has a Super AMOLED screen that’s capable of displaying crisp whites and deep blacks. Powered by a dual-core processor, it’s really quick and the 1GB RAM complements it nicely. The 1780mAh battery ensures decent battery life as well and you also get 16GB of built-in memory. The 8MP camera may not be the best on the block, but it is capable of capturing 1080p videos.

Publish date: June 30, 2012 3:44 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:39 pm