The great thinkers of the world could sometimes be those just anyone with a superfluous grasp on their imaginations. The old adage – necessity is the mother of all invention, doesn’t often apply in today’s modern space age. Today it’s about exploration and creating things because it pushes us beyond mere conformity to norms like necessity. Hollywood and fiction writers have been creating technology for us for a long time, taking existing tech and overlaying it with imagination creating astounding things that we may never see, at least not in our lifetime.

However, a lot of new technology and works in progress are something that the sci-fi writers and Hollywood masterminds of illusion could be proud of, if indeed they are the creators of the ideas themselves. While prodding though the vastness of the web, I came across an interesting article that was talking about some of the ‘future’ technology that, we as tech users, would like to see today.

The Avatar Machine
For those who wish to experience something that’s truly out of this world, I mean that both figuratively as well as literally. To take the pun a little further, it’s a chance to have a real ‘out of body experience.’

Transporter – Star Trek
Who wouldn’t want to beat the Mumbai heat, dust, noise, traffic and sometimes the general public of the city. Just step in the little circle and ‘Energize’ and poof your gone from point A to appear at point B seconds later. Best part is you don’t need another transporter to beam you back, call you’re your wife/mother/significant other and ask them to beam you back home.

Hover board – Back to the Future II
The Hover board is one of the coolest things ever. Even if it has issues floating over water, I’d still get one. Just the idea of a hovering skateboard sounds like a fun enterprise to partake in.

Light Saber – Star Wars Saga
The Light Saber is one of the most unusual bits of ‘future/movie’ technology I’ve come across. As a laser which is essentially a solidified light beam, how do they manage to have it stop at a specific length and be solid enough to strike another of it’s kind without passing through it like any other laser on the planet? Nevertheless I’d like to have one even if it is to slice open a loaf of bread.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish aka Vanish – Ian Flemings 007, Die Another Day
This may not be the best thing for the Indian roads considering how much it would cost you if an Aston Martin of this caliber got nicked by an overzealous rickshaw. And of course his reply would be – I didn’t see it because of the miniature cameras that capture light and images of the surrounding area rendering your car invisible. Ok that was a bit exaggerated. But should he say that, the rocket launchers and automatic machine guns would come in handy.

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