Mozilla have recently unveiled their private browsing features for devices running on Android. The Internet browser company has released a ‘Do Not Track’ feature for their latest version of Firefox beta for Android. This feature has been available for desktop browsers from some time and this is the first time this implementation has been shifted to a mobile device.

Private browsing now available for Android devices

Private browsing now available for Android devices

Speaking about the latest version of the Firefox beta for Android, Sid Stamm, Security and Privacy researcher at Mozilla said that since they first announced  first announced their implementation of the Do Not Track HTTP header, they saw an amazing amount of support from trade groups and even other browser makers. He says that the web on one’s phone should be the same web as on that on their desktop, so to provide this consistency they have put the exact same Do Not Track feature in both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox.

Users of the Firefox beta for Android can easily enable the Do Not Track feature by going to the preferences and sliding a switch that says ‘Tell sites not to track me.’ Sid Stamm goes on to say that websites will see exactly the same signal that Do Not Track-enabled desktop browsers send.  Every time Firefox will load a web page or an advertisement, it will include a DNT: 1 signal that will tell the entire web that you do not want to be tracked.

To download the latest version of Firefox beta for Android click the link here.

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Publish date: May 21, 2011 9:51 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:52 pm

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