Internet browsers have gone a long way from being a simple interface. While Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox are not the latest fad, they have expanded in number and variety. One look at the Add-Ons page and you’ll see add-ons for Alerts and Updates, Language Support, Shopping and many more categories.

Today we’ll take a look at add-ons meant for Social Networking. All of them are not necessarily helpful but it can be a lot of fun trying them out. After all, social networking is all about fun, isn’t it?

Facebook Toolbar

Work and Facebook...

Work and Facebook…

A nice feature for those who just love whiling away time on Facebook. It also makes sense if you want to stay updated on what’s happening, but are busy on some other website. This toolbar has a search box, quick links for Profile, Inbox and more. Plus there are buttons for pokes, notifications, messages, events and friend requests. The search box is more like a quick access to a friend’s profile and all the buttons will bring you to your Home page on Facebook. It might add some clutter to your browser, but the toolbar certainly makes Facebook-ing convenient.

HootBar (formerly TwitterBar)

Hoot's the way...

Hoot's the way…

Just like Facebook Toolbar is for Facebook, this one is a toolbar (more like a tool button!) for Twitter. If you find an interesting page you want to tweet about, you can do so by simply clicking on the twitter icon at the end of the address bar. Once you download HootBar, you also have access to a feature called Hootlet which lets you post on other social networks as well. If you append commands like post or hoot, your message will be posted directly on Twitter. Other commands like “options” is meant to open a new window with posting preference options and more.

Facebook Dislike

Although I don't understand, I STILL Dislike

Although I don't understand, I STILL Dislike

Now this add-on doesn’t really need an introduction. Many of us Facebook people have been literally cribbing for a dislike button. There are a thousand (okay a million) status messages, photos, videos and more where we’re left searching for that thumbs down! Our prayers have been answered. Well not officially by Mark Zuckerberg, but a developer has come up with this unique add-on which once installed, ensures that users now have a fair say! There’s one obvious glitch though. Even if you do dislike something, your friends or others cannot see it till they themselves have installed this add-on. So to up the fun factor, suggest this to your friends as well!

Facebook Chat History Manager

A nice way of checking what you last spoke with your friends. There are times when you must have missed contact numbers, addresses or other such important details. Instead of going through the grind and asking people all over again, you might as well check your Chat History. For those with restricted Internet access, this add-on also lets you access your chat history even when you are offline.


a nice all-in-one app, you know!

a nice all-in-one app, you know!

An add-on meant to access all your social networking sites from one application, Yoono lets you access your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Gtalk accounts from a panel that opens up on your left. Honestly, it doesn’t have the most intuitive interface out there, but nevertheless it’s a convenient application to use. Users can do everything, right from updating their status messages to sharing images, links and videos.

To conclude with, these are some add-ons that you can download for your Firefox web browser. For one, Facebook Dislike cannot be classified as a utility but is definitely worth a try. The others make social networking a lot more convenient. Give them a try and let us know what you felt about them.

Publish date: April 29, 2011 5:04 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:42 pm

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