Splosion man has a weakness for cakes, and it is this weakness that gets him captured by the evil scientists. While celebrating his capture, the scientists unknowingly give birth to another Splosion Man – only this time it’s a girl. So instead of being called Splosion Woman, she’s called Ms. Splosion Man. Anyway, that is the basic outline for developer Twisted Pixel’s follow up to their quirky platformer, Splosion Man. Ms. Splosion Man will release exclusively for the Xbox360 (via Xbox Live) sometime in 2011.

“Shouldn't I be called Splosion woman?”

In case you missed 2009’s Splosion Man, I would say it’s definitely worth checking out. Sure it may have been hard and a bit frustrating at times but it was worth the trouble. Here’s a quick excerpt from our review:__STARTQUOTE__Splosion man is an awesome game as long as you’re willing to bear with the difficulty curve. Due to this, Splosion Man is a game that you really can’t play for hours at a stretch but it’s perfect for those in-between game sessions when all you want to is just Splode the crap out of people. It offers no multiplayer but you can replay the entire campaign in co-op with a buddy either online or on the same console.__ENDQUOTE__

Publish date: December 6, 2010 11:58 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:58 pm

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