It was quite obvious the AMD dual-GPU solution, the HD6990 was going to make it out soon, but MSI have one-upped AMD themselves by announcing their version of the 6990 first. The card has some insane specs (though not as insane as I expected them to be) and is expected to be the fastest performing card in the market today.

World's fastest GPU - for the time being

World's fastest GPU – for the time being

Take a look at the features:

  • Two HD6900-series processors
  • 4GB GDDR5 memory
  • Four mini DisplayPort 1.2s
  • One DVI-D port
  • Support for MSI Afterburner and Kombuster

While the MSI card’s clock speeds aren’t known to us yet, the reference card is expected to carry a 830MHz Core Clock speed and a 1250MHz Memory Clock speed. Since MSI’s pretty much is a reference design card too, expect to see similar clocks.

So yeah, here’s the world’s fastest graphics card, people. Well until the NVIDIA GTX590 shows up, at the very least.

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