In a move that would shock no one, MTV has partnered with the Hip-Hop Gaming League to promote the league's inaugural session at E3 2006. For those who aren't hip enough to know what this league is allow me to enlighten. It's basically a bunch of (filthy and rich) rappers who get together to play Xbox 360 games in high-def under the watchful eye of “Da Commisioner” Snoop Dog (the founder of this league). Entry to this league is exclusive, and the only way you're getting in is if you're a famous rapper who and I quote “has at least a dozen h**s at his beck and call” (and no wearing your mom's jewellery isn't “Bling” enough, nor will it earn you entry). As part of this deal, MTV will broadcast a plethora of programmes showcasing your favorite hip-hop stars battling it out on the Xbox 360. The finals will take place on the 13th of May (the Saturday after E3) and will feature live performances once the rappers are done playing with each other. Fo' shizzle ma nizzle fool!

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