This is either the real deal or some Nokia fan has gone through a lot of trouble to stir up some hype regarding their upcoming WP7 smartphones. The original video is by an anonymous user who posted the link on MyNokiaBlog and claimed it was from Microsoft. The source video has been taken down now, but you can still find it on YouTube. Head to the bottom of the page to check it out before it’s taken down, too.

We like what we see

We like what we see

Surprisingly, the ‘promo video’ doesn’t feature Sea Ray or the Nokia W9, which we thought would be the first WP7 Nokia phone. I must say, the phones in the video look a lot better than the W9’s block-like design. The rounded edges and the almost borderless screen give it a very bold and sophisticated look. The second group of phones shown seem to have a larger screen and a very narrow bezel. Notice the bottom area – the touch sensitive buttons are placed almost near the edge. While it looks super slick, I’m not sure it’s very practical, since when you hold the phone, you’ll have to stretch your thumb all the way towards the bottom, which could get uncomfortable. In between the video, you’ll notice some of the old mock-up WP7 slide that were leaked a while back. The last phone that's shown is definitely a mockup as I don't think we'll be seeing something like that anytime soon. 

Whether this video is accurate or not is still unknown. But, if it is indeed a leaked promo that Nokia is secretly prepping, then we can’t wait for these phones to launch.

Publish date: August 11, 2011 12:02 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:19 pm

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