Nokia officially launched its Lumia 920 in India, in a simultaneous launch in Delhi and Mumbai on Thursday.

The device will cost Rs 38,199 and will be available in stores across India from Friday. Its less powerful and cheaper counterpart the 820, will cost Rs 27,559. Tech experts were expecting the 920 to cost Rs 40,000 and the 820 to cost Rs 31,000.

Expect the prices to go down further however, especially if you plan to buy the devices online. Some sites are already selling the 920 for 36499 and the 820 for 26499.

The Lumia 920: Reuters

For Nokia, the former cellphone king, The Lumia is their big comeback device. Note, the Lumia 920 is already sold-out in many stores in Europe and America.

In terms of features, Nokia has tried to offer a different look and feel to users. The device supports Wireless charging, is available in many colours (unlike Samsung and Apple devices which have made Black and White devices standard), and offers Windows Phone 8 Operating System. For all the key features, click here.

The reviews of the phone have been largely positive with tech critics saying that Nokia has given the OS a very good platform with the Lumia 920. The speed and multitasking improvements, connections to Xbox and SkyDrive, and Start Screen experience are all said to be much better.

But the question for Nokia and Microsoft will always be about apps. The quality of the phone won’t be enough and convincing smartphone app developers will also be the key to the success of this device. (For detailed tech specs, click here)

Tech2 also managed to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 920 and had done a first impressions post of the smartphone.

According to Tech2’s Roydon Cerejo, the phone has huge potential. He writes:

“After spending about an hour with the handset, we must say that the Lumia 920 has huge potential when it launches in India next month. Nokia is still tight lipped about the pricing, but we’d guess it would be anything between Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000. The device is built like a tank and the finish and choice of materials easily rivals the top dogs like the One X and even the iPhone 5.

“The hardware is all there and now all that’s left is for the software platform to mature, and fast. Apps are always going to be the deciding factor between platforms, which could offset the sales of the 920 in the start. But even without apps, the Lumia 920 is a good phone and has some powerful imaging capabilities. There are plenty of features in the 920 that we still need to put to the test once we get our hands on a retail unit, but for now, we feel that the Lumia 920 has potential for greatness.”

Publish date: January 10, 2013 2:13 pm| Modified date: January 10, 2013 2:13 pm

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