Nokia is planning to put a stop to the sales of its Symbian phones in North America, as it plans to focus on the new Microsoft – Nokia collaboration. Chris Weber, President of Nokia’s US operations confirmed in an interview with All Things D that with the introduction of Windows Phones, its Symbian business including the S40 series etc. will essentially shut down. For the record, Nokia’s latest Symbian^3, used in the Nokia N8, was officially released in Q4 2010. Thereafter, things seem to be going pretty downhill for the Finnish mobile giant, as far as their own operating system is concerned.

Nokia will finally pull the plug on Symbian phones

Nokia will finally pull the plug on Symbian phones

With these comments by Chris Weber, it seems like Nokia is planning to go mainstream with the Windows Phone 7 phones, whilst replacing its older operating system. Some may call this move a risky one, since Microsoft’s new OS hasn’t really captured the smartphone market, yet. 

However, this does seem like an interesting piece of news considering North America was Nokia’s camping ground for its Symbian operating system. Will Nokia pull the plug soon in India too, where Symbian phones have not yet completely phased out? Only time will tell, but whatever the situation is, with Windows Phone 7’s new Mango update Nokia’s future only seems juicier. 

Publish date: August 11, 2011 5:18 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:19 pm

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