Notion Ink had faced pre-order shipment problems some time back thanks to FCC and CE certifications, but now another problem has plagued their highly anticipated Adam tablet. It seems that their touchscreen shipments had an accident while being transported and although this happened earlier, they’ve canceled all their pieces for shipment.

In a heart-rending story, Rohan Shravan CEO of Notion Ink has spoken of how their tablets have been delayed. He goes on to say that Notion Ink’s manufacturing partners in China, Sinotek (or Sintek) have convinced their employees to manufacture the lost numbers even though the rest of the country has taken leave for Chinese New Year.

With Honeycomb, but a little later than expected

Although it’s true that they’re just a start-up company, they should have been ready with a plan B. But some things are just unprecedented. According to the blog, concerned customers can respond to the company at “notionink dot com or preordersupport at notionink dot com.”

In other news, Rohan Shravan has also mentioned that the Adam would be getting a Honeycomb update soon. Notion Ink is just waiting for a stable platform and will share the Software Development Kit (SDK) with the developers later on.

The company is still suffering from a shaky start, but maybe they should look into the fact that there are quite a few customers out there who’ve put their time and money at stake. Nevertheless, what's done is done, let's just hope the Adam proves to be worth all the aggravation caused to both the consumers and the company itself.

Publish date: January 31, 2011 10:02 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:14 pm

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