Cupertino-based, Apple Inc. now faces fresh patent infringment allegations and lawsuits and this time it is from China. Proview Technology, a Shenzhen, China-based firm has accused Apple of infringing on their patented 'iPad' trademark in China, which they acquired in 2000, according to a Times of India report. Further, this report confirms that when Apple had gone about buying the rights for the global iPad trademark, Proview Technology had retained theirs for China, and it has been that way, ever since. This also wouldn't be the first time that Apple will be meeting Proview Technology in court.

The lowest low!

Patent woes 

According to reports, last year, Apple's efforts to convince a court that Proview Technology was infringing on their iPad trademark met with defeat for the lack of evidence. The report further states, “Proview Technology (Shenzhen) is owned by a Taiwanese company that registered the trademark name “iPad” in several countries including China as early as 2000, years before Apple began selling the product.

The company, reportedly, was also battling Apple in Shanghai, wherein it had also sued two household appliances retailers for selling iPads. Proview Technology also approached a branch of the Beijing Industry and Commerce Administration and launched a formal complaint against Apple. The Shenzhen-based company, earlier sought a fine of 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) in compensation for trademark infringement. However, specifics regarding the current lawsuit remain unclear. 

Publish date: February 7, 2012 3:50 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:32 pm

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