We first heard about Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko mobile OS, back in July 2011. The idea is that instead of booting in to a tradition Operating System interface and then accessing your apps, devices running Boot to Gecko (B2G) would boot directly in to Mozilla’s web engine, called Gecko (hence the name) and all the apps will be web apps. While this may not sound very interesting at first, it does have some advantages to it. Since you’ll be booting into, what essentially is a browser, the web apps automatically become your native apps. Also, Mozilla won’t have to start from scratch, since they already have a ton of developers making web apps for their browsers, so porting them to the mobile OS shouldn’t be an issue.

Boot to Gecko - Web apps are the future, even on mobile platforms

Boot to Gecko – Web apps are the future, even on mobile platforms

Brendan Eich, Mozilla Chief Technology Officer said in a tweet, “B2G is partnering up, more at MWC”. This means we’ll be hearing a lot more on the progress of B2G and when we can expect it to show up in actual products, plus who all will be partnering with the company to make this happen. The most likely candidates currently seem to be the mobile network operators, since they are have a strong position in the market and are present everywhere. The idea behind the B2G is to deliver “a truly Web-based OS for mobile phones and tablets that would enable the ultimate in user choice and developer opportunity, both from a technology and an ecosystem point of view,” said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's Vice President. “Boot to Gecko is a project to build a OS that runs HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS directly on device hardware without the need for an intermediate OS layer,” he added. We hope to hear more from it at MWC.

Publish date: February 17, 2012 5:08 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:38 pm

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