Pinterest, the social network that currently drives more traffic to other sites than any other social network, snuck out a newsletter this past Saturday, which is likely to be a weekly occurrence. The newsletter, according to Mashable, is designed to provide Pinterest users with more personalized content and make it easier for users to find more pins that are interesting to them, as well as see how their own pins are doing. Because Pinterest is so hot with driving users to other websites, the social network is being flooded with content. The e-mail with the weekly newsletter is formatted in the same way as the website, with a pinboard presenting the personalized pins. The pins in the e-mail; when clicked on, lead to the websites directly from which the content is taken. However, interactions with these newsletter pins is limited as while users can click on them, they cannot repin or post their own pins directly from the newsletter.

Pins you love in your inbox

Pins you love in your inbox

The newsletter features pins from popular boards from across the social network as well as pins from friends that might be pertinent to you. For brands, the newsletter features quite a handy tool: a list of your most popular pins all week. It seems that content duration is the way to go for social networks. Twitter announced in mid-May that they will send you top stories from your feed directly to your inbox. The e-mail is essentially a summary of the most important tweets and stories shared by the people that you are connected with on Twitter. The e-mail is formatted like the Discover tab on Twitter, where you can see who posted the story beneath the summary, to allow you to decide which stories are important to you. If you click any headline, you will be taken straight to the story.

The different between the Pinterest newsletter and Twitter newsletter is that with Twitter, you can directly interact with the content in the newsletter. You can tweet your feedback directly from the e-mail as well as retweet and favourite any given tweet in the e-mail. Facebook, on the other hand, is curating links that users post and pushes them as trending articles. Most times, these are the most frequently read and posted articles from news sources that have their own apps on Facebook's Open Graph. Do you use Pinterest? Would you want to receive a weekly email with top pins? Let us know in the comments section below.

Publish date: June 4, 2012 10:10 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:25 pm

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