It looks like Sony just can’t catch a break. Previously, when they released an update with security features that took the version number to 3.56, the hacking community managed to crack it wide open within hours. Now that they’ve managed to track jailbroken consoles down and ban them from the Playstation Network, their online service, hackers have figured out a way to circumvent that too and unban themselves.

Oh it's on now.

Oh it's on now.

While this is kinda funny, it’s also very scary at the same time because the same hack apparently allows the hackers to ban other users from PSN. Take a moment to read that again, hackers can ban other users from the PSN. There’s a catch, obviously – they’ll need to figure out the unique ID of the console they want to ban, which can only be procured from vendors or from the users themselves. And it’d take a very stupid user, especially now, to release their console ID into the wild.

The situation is obviously escalating now, and things could get really ugly before they finally settle down. Sony are trying to deal with this with a strong arm, but the hackers aren’t backing down easily either. Let’s just hope legit users and paying customers do not get affected by this war.

via Destructoid

Publish date: February 19, 2011 4:10 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:21 pm

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