Samsung, very recently, introduced dual additions to its range of Plasma TVs. D8000 and D490, claims Samsung, are a coveted line-up of Plasma TVs. Samsung, in its latest range assures increased viewing screen space in the TV, without adding extra inches to its dimensions. The ultra narrow bezel feature, we agree, adds more finesse to the Plasmas’. Both the D8000 and D490 come with clear image panels, and 3D Hyper Real Engine. The D8000 is available in 64-inch model, whereas with D490 you get an option to choose between a 43-inch and a 51-inch model.

D8000 - As beautiful as it could possibly get

D8000 – As beautiful as it could possibly get

The D8000 however, seems to be better endowed than the D490. For one, the D8000 is 3D enabled, with Smart TV features. Add 3D sound to that, and that’s Samsung’s claims for a 3D experience. With the CRH inclusion, Samsung assures filtration of all blotchiness in the screen. It embodies the Smart TV technology allowing users to access features like Skype, web browsing, Search All, Your Video, Social TV, Samsung Apps, among others. These, however, don’t feature on the D490 specifications. With the built-in

D490 - Smart looks!

D490 – Smart looks!

Wi-fi in D8000, we expect that accessing the above online services should get simpler. The Smart Hub technology imbibed in the D8000 gives you recommendations on the available online content that would appeal to your tastes.

UPDATE: The price for the 64-inch Samsung D8000 is INR 2,30,000.

Publish date: April 21, 2011 1:59 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:37 pm

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